Agency Services

We work with you to maximize your most precious resource, your people.  Let us help you reduce employee turnover and increase recruitment success.

Why We Can Help Your Agency

Whether you just use our software platform for internal supervision and training or take advantage of our national network of qualified independent supervisors, your agency runs more efficiently, and you can reduce employee turnover.  According to research by Deloitte Consulting, companies that engage and invest in their employees are able to lower employee turnover by 31%. 


Unlike other solutions where agencies were an afterthought, our solutions are built from the ground up with agency needs in mind. You have all the tools you need to maximize your most important asset...your people. 



  • Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse
  • Hospitals and Inpatient Facilities
  • Outpatients Clinics
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Facilities
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Home Health agencies
  • AARM / Harm Reduction
  • Non-profits 

Mentornomics supports your agency.


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What We Can Do For Your Agency

  • Turnover in the behavioral health and home health workforce is at an all-time high. Mentornomics addresses 4 out of the 5 leading causes of turnover. 
  • Managers stay focused on productivity. Mentornomics provides a best-practice separation between clinical and administrative supervision, so your agency runs smoothly. . .efficiently.
  • Mentornomics assures access to qualified supervisors in the disciplines and modalities your licensed associate clinicians need.
  • Don’t worry about balancing out your supervision staff between counselors, therapists, and social workers. We handle that.
  • Mentornomics handles all your documentation and compliance issues in one place. From board approvals to monthly session logs,  your next audit will be a breeze.
  • Get tracking and alerts in one place
    . . .easily re-schedule sessions.

What We Can Do For Your Staff

  • Your staff stays focused on their patients! Using virtual supervision, clinicians and technicians save travel time and get their supervision at their own convenience. 
  • Reduce stress on your managers and HR staff during audits.  Printing or exporting all your supervision documentation is a breeze.
  • Staff loyalty increases when their agency is investing in them. This in turn reduces employee turnover and recruitment. 
  •  Our experienced independent supervisors also hold many advanced certifications in diverse modalities – from play therapy to chemical dependency and educational, carceral, and SIU populations.
  • The Mentornomics network system matches independent supervisors to your specific agency needs and goals.