Superior Clinical Supervision

Making Connections to Success

•  Agencies & Institutions 
•  Independent Supervisors 
•  Clinicians & Technicians

Mentornomics provides innovative supervision and training solutions for healthcare agencies, providers, supervisors, independent clinicians, technicians, and other trainees.   Our solutions ease the burden of meeting state supervision regulations, documenting required training, and tracking licensure requirements.


With Mentornomics you can...

  • Simplify the process of performing and receiving supervision via virtual conferencing

  • Track all types and methods of supervision including in-person, audio, and telehealth

  • Use the Mentornomics network of supervisors and trainers to receive affordable online clinical supervision and training services

  • Capture all required documentation and signatures electronically

  • Shorten the time for clinicians to achieve independent licensure or certifications.

One-in-one between supervisor and supervizee via the internet or in person.

Solutions: Innovative Clinical Supervisory Technologies

Supervenzio screen display

Mentornomics's offers an innovative technology platform underlying an extensive support network of credentialed clinical supervisors in every discipline.


Supervenzio logo   Our HIPAA compliant Supervenzio online platform and tools are built from the ground-up for both agencies and independent clinicians.


Unlike our competitors, Supervenzio helps agencies and clinicians to meet regulatory requirements by. . .

  • Capturing all participant data from online conference supervision 

  • Reducing the time required by participants to complete clinical supervision documentation by going paperless

  • Staying within state supervision requirements based on our “rules” engine that warns if requirements are not being met

  • Tracking work hours, client hours, and CEUs for a total solution to your licensure and training audit requirements

. . . all supported by an array of management tools to ensure every stakeholder has the information they need to be successful. 

Supervision Services


National network of independent supervisors

Utilize our supervision and training services backed by our national network of contracted licensed independent clinical supervisors.


Network supervisors span all disciplines and provide online supervision for agency employees as well as individual clinicians who are seeking to attain new licensure.

Using Mentornomics supervision services, agencies can free up their agency supervisors for casework thus increasing revenues through greater efficiency and productivity.


Individual clinicians seeking to achieve new licensure will find an affordable  Mentornomics supervisor capable of helping them on their journey by being matched to their interests and client population. 

Problem, Need, Solution


Technology acceptance spreads across the country

More than 90% of the states have approved some form of video or virtual clinical teleconference supervision to replace or augment face-to-face supervision.

The international Covid pandemic focused the nation on the urgent need to increase and retain the national corps of healthcare clinicians and technicians. Consequently, innovative uses of technology to enhance training and professional development relieve the pressure on recruitment and retention of the clinical and medical tech workforce.

Our Supervenzio solution enables clinicians and technicians to reach their full potential more quickly and to enhance their mission to be more skilled in helping more patients.

Never Last... Never Least


Mentornomics is a sharp on the needs of the patient

Training, competence, and efficiency are the foundation of quality patient care. Ultimately the systems and services offered by Mentornomics to healthcare workers are focused on improving patient outcomes. 


This improvement comes from effective clinical supervision and the professional growth of those clinicians and technicians who are integral to a patient's well-being. 


Mentornomics brings affordable innovative solutions to accomplish those goals enriching the lives of millions of patients.


The experienced management and professional advisors behind the  Mentornomics system and technologies believes as you do that it's always "patients first."